Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bar Celona!!!

Last weekend we went to Bar Celona.. It's located at Sunway Pyramid.. Finally we changed our place.. haha.. :D

Well,, Bar Celona was nice and the music was nice.. the DJ Mix a lot of songs and all the songs was the newest hip hop and R&B songs.. So,, it was really nice..

The place was nice also.. BUT,, almost all there is kinda LALA and kinda old d.. so,,,, sigh*..

as usual the girls always come into my car and took a lot of pics..

all the girls that came that night + Vince..
Ee Yin,, Jimmy,, Joey,, and Kelly

Kelly and I

Jilly and I

Silvia and I

Jilly,, Ee Yin,, Joey,, Kelly,, and Silvia

Me and jilly,, this pic is in the toilet.. the girls and the guys toilet are together..

where the cam is,, where the girls come.. haha.. :D

Jimmy,, Jilly,, and Kelly

Nick and Ee Yin

Eugene,, he's the one that drunk 1st.. ahaha.. :D

Jilly,, Silvia,, and kelly

Joey and Ee Yin

For next i will not put any caption anymore,, coz u should know d who is who.. for the one that u dunno,, i also dunno.. coz,, their not in our group and they all is my friend's friends..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Phuket Day 2 and 3

Sorry for being late to update.. Coz,, these days very busy and tiring.. So,, i just update my blog now..

Day 2

woke up quite early that day,, coz,, we need to prepare our self,, have our breakfast,, and went to BEACH!! So,, we went to 1 island,, i think the island called "Khai" Island.. if im not mistaken..

around 1pm like that,, we went back and we went for cashew nuts factory.. they did a lot of products of cashew nuts and the taste is nice.. haha.. :D

After from the cashew nuts factory we went back to the hotel and after took bath and everything,, we went to had Thai Massage.. the Thai Massage was ok.. after we had our Thai Massage,, we go for shopped for the last day.. and i didnt buy much things.. coz,, im broke d that time.. haha.. :D

After walk around and shop,, we went back to the hotel and we had a rest..

Day 3

Quite early,, we woke up and prepare for our flight back to Malaysia.. after we had our breakfast,, we leave the hotel and went to the airport..

After check in and everything,, we took off to Malaysia... there goes our trip in Phuket.. ^^

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Phuket Trip ( Day 1 )

23rd until 25th of April I and my Grease crew went for a trip... and we went to phuket for the trip.. it was very nice.. but,, it's too short!! i want a longer trip!! haha.. :D

Day 1
at 23rd of april we meet up at KL central,, the actuall place is MCD at 8.30am.. then,, we took the bus to the KLIA LCCT to check in and go for the flight.. then,, at 11pm something we took the airasia plane and we flew to PHUKET!!

reach there,, went to the imigration,, took our luggage,, and went in to the bus.. and meet our tour leader.. after that,, brought us to knid of TESCO to have our lunch there..

after we had our lunch.. we went for a local shirt factory.. and they sale nice shirts and funny shirts..

After that,, we went for sightseeing.. the place and the view was nice.. and we all crazy for taking pics..

then,, we went to our Hotel for Check-in.. we stayed in Royal Crown Hotel.. the Hotel was kinda creepy.. i think it been a long time that guest never come to that hotel.. But,, no choice,, we still stay there.. after we Check-in and went to the room,, we went for dinner.. it was at the hotel.. the food that they served was local food.. after we went for dinner we went to Tiger show.. then,, after that we walked around and took some pics again..

that's all for 1st day post.. i need to stel some pics from other ppl for my 2nd day 1st.. So,, stay tune!!